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Producer avoids jail after spending more than £100,000 on sex shows

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Creators receive 80 per cent commission on their earnings, while the remaining 20 per cent goes to the company, covering ‘referral payments, payment processing, hosting, support, and all other services’.

The platform is predominantly used by sex workers – many of whom joined during the pandemic when in-person adult venues shut – but a number of celebrities, musicians and comedians also use it for non-sexual content.

Insanally was working for Ventureland at the time, where his job as a producer was to organise the logistics of production which was ‘millions of pounds over budget’, prosecutor Peter Lancaster told the court.

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When the company accountant became suspicious and asked Insanally, who worked on a National Geographic documentary, for receipts he was told the money was for ‘accessing archive material’, said Mr Lancaster said.

This will save you from asking embarrassing questions to your child or going through his cupboards or school bag to see what he is up to. Children are very vulnerable and if they are exposed to something such as pornography then it can leave some bad impressions on their min We understand that many would feel that this is akin to not trust your child but this is not so.  
It is imperative to keep an internet watch on the web related activities of your child.

Parents Beth and Paul Werking are shown. They have been told they need to pay their own son damages for throwing out his ‘disturbing’ pornography collection after throwing him out when he lived in their basement for free, aged 43, following his divorce

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It stands out for its realistic portrayal of the Naples underworld, following a clan’s internal power struggle after its head is arrested. HBO Max

With its fifth and final season, this Italian crime drama based on a true story, has carved itself a place among the great mafia shows. With a dark, claustrophobic atmosphere and believable characters, Gomorrah is a refreshing and complete piece of TV.


The best TV show of 2021 might already be here. This unique look at the early stages of what became a death sentence is handled with creator Russell T Davies’ trademark irrepressible joy for life. The warm, empathetic characters continue to live their lives to the full, flitting between bustling share houses and local bars to the beat of a popping ’80s soundtrack. Fast-paced, stylish and eye-opening, with a prevailing sense of hope, It’s a Sin is a soaring triumph for everyone to fall in love with. It’s a Sin follows a group of young gay men living in London during the ’80s, just when HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed.


Love Life is an anthology series that focuses on a different character’s love life until they meet the person they’re meant to be with. Love Life paints a refreshingly imperfect picture, traveling a long, messy road that ultimately offers a hopeful look at relationships. The first chapter follows Anna Kendrick’s Darby, an aspiring art collector who dates a range of different men with complicated results.

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With the advent of internet accessing porn websites and reading stories related to extreme pornography is very easy.


Raised by Wolves will satisfy those who want to spend a lot of time (nearly 10 hours) in a world brought to the screen with the help of Ridley Scott. There’s blood, big performances and a powerful lead in Amanda Collin’s “Mother.” Two androids, Mother and Father, attempt to establish an atheist human colony on a new planet, after a war with a religious order destroys Earth. But they soon discover controlling the beliefs of humans is a tricky task. Directing the first two episodes, as well as pulling the strings as an executive producer, Scott sets up a provocative exploration into AI and religious beliefs.

Molly Shannon is a treat as their mother, Pat, ushering her children through open doors to success. Schitt’s Creek fans should give this a look. Once you get over the gimmicky premise, The Other Two’s pop culture satire and surprisingly he


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